Monday, 11 August 2008

...Smithers....release the hounds!

Two months since my last post!!! Unbelievable! The reason for this absence confirms my first post and THE GREAT BALANCING ACT.....after a worrying period of no work, I produced some new stock card designs and hit as many of the publishers that I could. My reply rate was pretty poor (this is the norm, out of thirty or so, I think I got six 'thanks we'll put you on files' and a couple of 'no thanks') I did get a new contact though, I was commissioned to do six humourous greetings cards which then grew into twelve. They were a pleasure to work for, easy going art directions and hardly and changes, which is always good!

In the time I was doing this, I also had a mountain of spec work on, the bane of a freelancer, producing samples on the chance of getting a commission out of it. I've managed to get a handful of cards out of the spec stuff but not as many as I'd have liked! Still, any spec work I now do, if it doesn't get initially bought, I work up to a printable standard and store as stock for future use.

The best bit of news was that I got another small commission from the good old BBC! HUZZAH!! I can't go into details yet but at some point I'll hopefully be allowed to show what I did for them! All I can say is it was right up my street and not cute card characters for a change!

The dog with the butterfly is an illustration I've was playing around with just before my mad rush, I'd show you more of my new stuff but the various companies would probably have me hunted down and shot!

...finally a big thank you to all of you fellow bloggers who have posted here, it makes my day hearing from you, it amazes me who you can meet thru the power of the blog!! Don't forget folks....One Blog to bring them all and in the darkness bind them!!