Wednesday, 27 May 2009

My eyes are bleeding!

Well I've finished my massive commission, 7 humourous calendars, so that's 84 illustrations and all the layouts! T'was a huge gig and seemed to go on forever, the last week of the deadline was hellish and I must have averaged about 3 hours kip a night if I was lucky!

So what next, well I've got 5 new card designs to work on a my annual pantomime poster (which is always fun as I can normally do whatever the hell I want to do and it's always good practice!)

I've uploaded part of one the card designs, it's for a mums day card, the line work was done in Illustrator then coloured and put together in Photoshop. The finished card is having a foil layer added to it, which any card designer will tell you is a nightmare to do, the only worse thing than foil on a card is glitter (what we call in the trade, DEVILS ARSE DUST!)