Monday, 14 November 2011


Hallo peeps!

Long time no usual been a busy bee at the studio producing god knows how many characters..think me heads gonna implode scanner style! Still doing any freelance work I can grasp onto in these hard times and of course doing my own personal work. Mrs Goth and the Gothettes are all doing Gothette is rapidly approaching one year of being on the planet...can't believe how quickly it's gone.

What else, well my latest BBC work was on Doctors but just last week, was easnt to post it up here but as per usual just didn't have the time. They showed my illos quite a bit but the story was bizarre to say the least (cool!) bit was the story was about a freelance comics illustrator who starts going mad and thinks the characters in his comics are real and coming after him (we've all been there at some point HA HA) but the best bit was the huge, posh house he lived if, DON'T THEY KNOW WHAT FREELANCERS MAKE?!?!

Right, I've got to get back to work...hopefully I shall return soon!

Toodle Pipski One and All!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Burning Out.....

......this is exactly how I feel right now....burnt out! Work is unreal at the moment, we're producing CD after CD, some of our triple sets have around 2000 different elements on them! On my main ranges I tend to do between 6-8 full on characters and then countless other things like papers, covers and design sheets. I think we're staring to average  one of these sets every 2-3 weeks now....MENTAL! Nearly all my other jobs have had to go on hold now and I'm waiting for some sort of break just so I can catch up on myself, but I've been waiting for nearly two months solid now and I still can't se an end in sight. And to think that about nine months ago I was worried that I didn't have enough work on, now I want a gap from it all. If I don't get out there soon into the real world and see some trees and the odd lake or two I fear I mat go insane!

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Where does the time go?

Well hello there.....if there is anyone left out there! I can't believe how long it's been since I updated the old blog. My lifes been kind of mental over the past months and I think I'd need at least forty two blogs just to fill you all in.
Where to start then, firstly I can proudly announce a new Gothtwin has arrived, baby Gothtwin Evie Eowyn was born on the 3rd of December. Shes a beautiful little thing with the energy of a superhero, massive bluey, grey eyes and a very cheeky grin. We still can't decide on her hair colour though, it seems to change every day.
Work, well I now am an illustrator for one of the countries biggest crafting companies! I'll try and post some of my stuff later (hopefully not another six months mind you). My freelance work has generally slowed down to a drip now. The industry still seems to be in a state of decline like the rest of the country, I don't see me going back to it soon!

The evil company which STILL owes me money has now utterly vanished into nothingness. They went under owing out thousands of pounds to printers, suppliers and of course artists but I doubt any of us will see a penny of it now. I was sent a creditors report recently where one of the key people involved was questioned by a panel. It was amazing how much 'he didn't know' about the runnings of his own company. It seems as long as you claim no knowledge of anything, then you can do what you want and get away with it.....I must try it one day. It does seem that only the people who play dirty make anything of there lifes....take note bankers and MP's.