Sunday, 26 July 2009


How do all! Heres another old sketch I've just painted up. Haven't got a clue who he's meant to be....I was going to do him in white armour but as always seems to be the case with any robotty things I do...he's ended up in red!

Many,many moons ago I did a couple of comic strips featuring an army of red suited soldiers flying around the universe in their red spaceships. I think it all stems from one of my childhood heroes, Baron Von Richthofen AKA The Red Baron. I adored his Fokker Triplane and loved the fact that he (and his fellow pilots) were so confident that they flew around in brightly coloured bi-planes (unlike thier Allied counterparts who flew in dull coloured planes)

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

I dream of genie...

Here's the concepts for the hero and genie for my poster job. There was a green version of the genie done as well as my clients didn't know which version they were going to use. My problem was that in my eyes, the red genie reminds me of Hellboy (one of my gods) yet the green version reminded me of the Hulk (one of the dullest comic characters ever!)

They've plumbed for the red (which I wanted as it links into the overall colour scheme) so I'm a happy bunny!

Bad news is that my bad guy (see below) and the Emperor have been dropped from the poster...gutted at that as I really liked the bad guy!

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Angels to some...demons to others.....

After working on the poster commission, I thought I'd redo an ancient sketch I found from many moons ago. Spent a few hours on it and here she is!

Saturday, 18 July 2009

New for old...

Here's a little something I've just finished working on. The top image is my old avatar, pencils then coloured up in Photoshop. The next image is the new version which was done completely in Illustrator. I've removed the spoon (as the original image was for a cereal box design) and messed around a bit with the geezers proportions. I'll master Illustrator if it kills me.....and it is slowly!!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Is there a Doctor in the house?...

Heres the work I did a few months ago for the good old BBC. It's for the 'Doctors' programme which I've worked for before, this is now the third time they've used me so I can officially make this a trilogy!
The blurb for the episode says 'Karen helps a 14-year-old boy to win a battle against his school bully and his online avatar.'.... all I can say is that the characters I designed are for a mock computer game Warwolf. They're meant to be half animal/half robot fighting machines of death. I also had to do a mock title screen for the game (featuring the main hero fella) and a mocked up game screen which if I remember correctly is made up from various pieces of Cornwall and parts of the chemical works in my home town of Middlesbrough, they make great futuristic buildings.
The two front view faces are, I believe, going to be superimposed onto the actors faces in the show....sounds like it's going to be good!
It's on BBC1 on Friday the 17th of July at 13.45 so make sure you watch it soap fans!!....oh, and the episode is called 'The Art of War' which is pretty damn cool!
All artwork is copyright BBC PRODUCTIONS. 2009

Monday, 13 July 2009

Good guys and bad guys...

More concepts from the job I'm working on! (Thanks for all the comments! I'm really enjoying this new style....although I know I'll have to tighten it up for the finished poster!)

Sunday, 12 July 2009

A lad insane...

Here's a quick concept I've just finished for a poster commission I'm working on. Don't know if shes going to end up like this or even appear in the poster yet but I'm pleased with the overall look. I'll post more from the same job when I get round to doing them!

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Victory for the Gothtwinz!

Hallo peeps,

Like Gretel (see below) another one of my fave designers is a certain young man named Toby Attrill. Although still at school, Toby over the last three years or so, has built up his own handmade jewellery business. His pieces are literally sold all over the world now, he has work in shows and shops around the country, has been name dropped on the radio (though the less said about his age the better!) and has even appeared on national TV with his wares....(talking to the fabled living Ronseal advert David Dickinson)

Toby has a real eye for creative design and an unbelievable sense of business (wish I could say that) You should all check out his work at

The best bit of news is that recently I won a competition on his Blog and my two Gothettes (Goth Major and Goth Minor) are now the proud owners of one of a kind pieces. A beautiful dragon fly charm and a stunning silver cross (IT BURNS MY EYES!!!) both adorned with black jems.

So Toby, a hearty thank you from myself and the Gothettes, they will treasure these for all time!