Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Is there a Doctor in the house?...

Heres the work I did a few months ago for the good old BBC. It's for the 'Doctors' programme which I've worked for before, this is now the third time they've used me so I can officially make this a trilogy!
The blurb for the episode says 'Karen helps a 14-year-old boy to win a battle against his school bully and his online avatar.'.... all I can say is that the characters I designed are for a mock computer game Warwolf. They're meant to be half animal/half robot fighting machines of death. I also had to do a mock title screen for the game (featuring the main hero fella) and a mocked up game screen which if I remember correctly is made up from various pieces of Cornwall and parts of the chemical works in my home town of Middlesbrough, they make great futuristic buildings.
The two front view faces are, I believe, going to be superimposed onto the actors faces in the show....sounds like it's going to be good!
It's on BBC1 on Friday the 17th of July at 13.45 so make sure you watch it soap fans!!....oh, and the episode is called 'The Art of War' which is pretty damn cool!
All artwork is copyright BBC PRODUCTIONS. 2009


Caroline B said...

How cool is that!! I'll try and remember to watch it..

Magpie Magic said...

WOW, you're famous! :-) Will try and watch it. :-) Love the paintings, so does Ben.

natural attrill said...

How exciting is that! Fab illos Goth, I'll try and catch the show tomorrow.

natural attrill said...

Just watched the show Goth, great to see your work on tv, well done!

natural attrill said...

like the middleswall landscape!!


Gordon Fraser said...


Very good Cousin Toby!...I had to think about that one for a bit!

Cousin Goth