Thursday, 29 January 2009

Crouching Tiger.....

Here's what I'm working on at the moment. This is part of an illustration to go into a range of calendars for next years market. It's been a while since I was able to draw something that wasn't a human character or a cutesy type creature so I actually enjoyed doing it. To prove this point I fell into an old commercial illustrators trap, I spent way too long on it! Time is of the essence when you have deadlines and unless you're a genius and have work coming out of your eye-sockets then you should always be preparing for the next commission or promotional sendout whilst working on your current job. I always do the best I can but sometimes I'd love to have more time to work on a piece but this rarely happens. If you enjoy adding and improving all the time then you're really losing valuable time from the next bit of work lined up so I really should have controlled myself more and cut back.
Still, saying that, it was good for my soul so I have no real regrets....and now as the old saying goes, it's back to the drawing board as I have an army of human characters and cutesy type creatures to design......sigh!