Thursday, 2 July 2009

Victory for the Gothtwinz!

Hallo peeps,

Like Gretel (see below) another one of my fave designers is a certain young man named Toby Attrill. Although still at school, Toby over the last three years or so, has built up his own handmade jewellery business. His pieces are literally sold all over the world now, he has work in shows and shops around the country, has been name dropped on the radio (though the less said about his age the better!) and has even appeared on national TV with his wares....(talking to the fabled living Ronseal advert David Dickinson)

Toby has a real eye for creative design and an unbelievable sense of business (wish I could say that) You should all check out his work at

The best bit of news is that recently I won a competition on his Blog and my two Gothettes (Goth Major and Goth Minor) are now the proud owners of one of a kind pieces. A beautiful dragon fly charm and a stunning silver cross (IT BURNS MY EYES!!!) both adorned with black jems.

So Toby, a hearty thank you from myself and the Gothettes, they will treasure these for all time!


Magpie Magic said...

You were due a bit of luck!

Fingers crossed things will now change for the better. :-)

natural attrill said...

Aaawh- i am touched!
I'm really glad you/they like them!