Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Ants in my Pants....

Here's another business card/flyer logo I'm working on at the moment. The client wanted six legs for the ant but I did a four legs version as well which I prefer. Some people I showed it to commented on why would an ant have four legs instead of six but seemed to ignore the more pressing matter of why the hell would an ant be holding woodworking tools and standing erect!

All the text is just put in to show the client the font, as you can know doubt tell, what woodworking folk do is beyond me so I opted for the classic...BLAHBLAHBLAH line!
I can't seem to concentrate on work at the moment as a client, who owes me a small fortune, are messing me around. They are now 3-4 months overdue with my fees but seem to think that illustrators can live off thin air...unlike their own inhouse staff who seem to be getting paid!


Magpie Magic said...

Hi Goth,

I prefer the ant with four legs too - less confusing. The design is great though - stands out from the crowd and makes you smile. What more could you want from a flyer/business card? People might even hang it up on their fridge just because it's fun.

Fingers crossed your client pays up VERY soon... ninja bunnies are on their way with new directions...

natural attrill said...

Very nice! I esp. love the colours, and the woodgrain background.
Hope you get paid soon.

Caroline B said...

That's really cool - I prefer the 6 legs one but there's not much in it really, they're both great.
Hmmm, the starving artist in his garrett is hardly what we aspire to be, is it! Fingers crossed they come up with the money this week.