Friday, 5 June 2009

In space, no-one can hear you puke!

Heres a rejected illo I've just done for a card commission. Shame really because I quite like it. Anyways, turns out that the whole things to complex and needs to be simplified down a level or two. This is one of the many problems I have when working to commission, you always try and do the best you can and make each piece as professional as possible but then you get told you've put too much into the thing! Of course what we all want really is to get that perfect job where all you do is stickmen on a white background and get paid the going rate for what turns out to be a one hour job! (I did a job like this a few years back....if only I could get more like that!)


Magpie Magic said...

This is lovely! Why would you want to simplify it is beyond me! Really fun and great colours.

Caroline B said...

I think it's great too - can't stand minimalism! (Not too sure I can spell it either...)

natural attrill said...

I love the colours on this one Goth!

fhiona galloway said...

Well I can't see what is wrong with your image either.
Nice and colourful, well executed, fun design- what's not to like!?!?
Maybe someone else will buy it Goth :0))