Wednesday, 22 July 2009

I dream of genie...

Here's the concepts for the hero and genie for my poster job. There was a green version of the genie done as well as my clients didn't know which version they were going to use. My problem was that in my eyes, the red genie reminds me of Hellboy (one of my gods) yet the green version reminded me of the Hulk (one of the dullest comic characters ever!)

They've plumbed for the red (which I wanted as it links into the overall colour scheme) so I'm a happy bunny!

Bad news is that my bad guy (see below) and the Emperor have been dropped from the poster...gutted at that as I really liked the bad guy!


Chris.P said...

Didn't realise Hellboy was your God.....I thought he was your dad:¬)

Magpie Magic said...

I love Hellboy too! I can see the resemblance.

Glad they chose your preferred design, but a real shame that the other two characters didn't make it onto the poster.

Love the two new characters and I love your new style.

Caroline B said...

It's good they chose the red. Can't wait to see the finished poster as I'm really liking these character designs.
(Hellboy rocks!)

Helz said...

Fab illies Goth!! No doubt the finished poster will be fantabulous!!

Helz x

Lynda Nelson said...

Excellent stuff, Goth! I really like the detail you've gone into :-)