Tuesday, 22 September 2009

A fish called Gothtwinz

Well the summer hols are done and dusted and as you can tell from my lack of posts last month, twas a hectic time! Two Gothette kids off school for six weeks and one Gothtwin trying to work from home is not an easy thing. Work is slow, the card industry (like the rest of the country) seems to be falling to bits. I'm working on a commission as we speak but after that I'm dry although I've got a new client lined up for some book work which sounds pretty exciting!

Here's some fish I've been messing around with in Illustrator just to keep my finger in so to speak.


PG said...

(sing along now)

'Just keep swimming,
Just keep swimming...'

(name that film for two points)

Fingers crossed with the book work, (I am doing some too, though very hush hush). We are both long overdue a decent break.

Magpie Magic said...

Love them! All those different expressions, brilliant. :-)

PG said...

LOL, I award you two bright sparkly points, don't eat them all at once. BTW, I liked the fish too, but they brought back too many memories of painting sheets of fish last year for my blessed mermaid book!

Caroline B said...

Love 'em - but my favourite is the jellyfish!

Anonymous said...

Brill fish, Goth! Glad you have some bookwork lined up, good luck with it.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

I'm allergic to fish, but these are nice !!!

natural attrill said...

Love the fish Goth! esp the jellyfish.
Great news about the book work, cant wait to hear more about it and see some of the illos.
I've been doing lotsa book work recently too.
Good luck with yours!