Sunday, 15 November 2009

A Blast from the Past....

Work is so slow at the moment (as in there isn't any) that I've had an opportunity to go through some of my old files of work. I came across these....all hand painted from eons ago. They were for a now sadly defunct magazine called 'Stories for Children'. This magazine was brilliant, it normally had about 5 to 6 original kids stories illustrated by some of our best artists (including Norman Beardsly...who used to do most of the illustrations on the 'Rainbow' kids show)

I miss those days when everything seemed a hell of a lot easier than they are today!


Magpie Magic said...

It's amazing how with all the technological changes and the personal development of your art you've managed to keep your style. This is all still recognisably you.

Hope things are looking up very soon.

natural attrill said...

I love the composition and perspective of the last design.

Hope work picks up for you soon Goth. Perhaps take this opportunity to do some new stuff and send out promo's to everyone.
Good luck!

Helz said...

Great illies!! I love the first one of the sleeping leprachaun! Good luck getting some new contracts in Goth... perhaps do a big promo push towards book and mag publishing in the New Year.