Monday, 21 June 2010

New Illos!

Morning peeps. I thought I'd put up a couple of new images as I haven't uploaded anything brand new for a while now. I'm really pleased with the water on the canoe guy but I really have a soft spot for the club singer!

Thanks to everyone for all the comments from my last post......I always know that I can rely on my Army! Cheers guys!


Chris.P said...

They're great Goth, especially the Pub Singer. The subtle shadows in the curtain and the graduated spotlight really make him stand out.

I bow before your gift with painting pixels.

natural attrill said...

I agree with Chris, and also how you make the star patterns fold with curtain fabric folds.
Nice work Goth!

fhiona galloway said...

excellent work Goth!

Anonymous said...

Fab work Goth! I luuurve the pub singer!

Anonymous said...

Nice cartoon style! Do you take sketch requests?


Gordon Fraser said...

Hi Sally and thank you. Yes I do work to commission. Give me an email if you want!